Animal Adventure & The Preserve are home to a growing tower of giraffes; Oliver, Tajiri, Johari & Desmond... and now, Alora!

Your gift of support will go directly to our giraffe program needs!
Enrichment, Improvements, Repairs & veterinary Care!

Care & Husbandry Facts:

Our giraffes eat 20-30 lbs per day/animal minimum! That’s an average of 100 lbs of hay and grain a day! Don’t forget veggie treats too!

Our giraffes have 2-3 team members caring for them each day!

Our stalls take 20-30 bales of pine shavings every week!

Winter barn temps are kept at a minimum floor temp range of 55-60 degrees, 62-65 chest height, 68-72 head height!

Our giraffes have a “toy box” of enrichment items built and purchased for daily enjoyment!

Each spring, our giraffe yard is resurfaced with fresh footing to ensure a comfortable feel!

These are just a few of the numbers that play a part in the care of our giants!
Your contribution will be applied to their care budget!

Thank you!



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